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Cloudland By Laws/Body Corporate

Cloudland Heirarchy

Body Corporate Manager on behalf of Cloudland Residential Management Pty Ltd

Barr Group BCM Pty Ltd

PO Box 6517, Upper Mt Gravatt QLD 4122

Ph: (07) 3849 4499

Fax: (07) 3343 8873

Body Corporate Manager Email: graeme@barrgroupbcm.com.au

Chairmen for Body Corporate & Directors for Cloudland Residential Management Pty Ltd

Bowen Point: Chris Mills

Cumulus: Daryl Damerow

Nebula: Paul Langham

Nimbus: Mark Walton

Stratus: Paul Chappell

By Laws

  - Bowen Point By-Laws

  - Cumulus By-Laws

  - Nebula By-Laws

  - Nimbus By-Laws

  - Stratus By-Laws

Insurance Certificates of Currency

  - Insurance Certificates of Currency 2012 2013

  - Pool safety certificate 2013 Pool safety certificate 2013(2nd)

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