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Cloudland House Rules

Download and print the information for new Cloudland residents.

Pursuant to By Law 23, the Body Corporate Committees have approved the following House Rules:

  1. The Pool Rules displayed within the swimming pool enclosure are part of these House Rules and as such are enforceable by the Bodies Corporate.
  2. The top area in the swimming pool enclosure, that houses the barbecue and tables and chairs, may be reserved for special occasions by the occupants of a lot, by requesting a booking with the On-Site Manager. The maximum period for a booking is 3 hours. The On-Site Manager has total discretion over whether a booking is accepted or not.
  3. A call-out fee of $50 may be charged to an occupant of a lot by the On-Site Manager, where the On-Site Manager is required to provide the occupant access to their lot or to reset the alarm system, where the alarm has been triggered by the actions of the occupant of a lot.
  4. Every adult resident is required to have an entry key to the complex, common areas and building in which they reside.
  5. All official signs in the complex are to be obeyed by all residents and visitors.

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